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Challengermode Arena
Challengermode Arena
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The new standard platform for Competitive Counter-Strike 1.6

pDxPLAY is the competitive platform created by our CEO GunGameR for ParadoxTeam. It's a place where you play competitive matches of Counter Strike 1.6 and it allows you develop your skills. The main objective of pDxPLAY is bring back CS 1.6 to the competitive scene refreshing it with all the features that the current competitive platforms offer to CSGO players.
Advanced Stats
Every game data is tracked for your comfort. You'll satisfy your stat's obsession with all the averages and ratings that we calculate for you
Social Network
Share yout ideas, images, videos and be in touch with your friends and community users
Professional Rating
Our ranking system is Glicko-Based and modified by your individal and team performance. A very accurate way to show your true skills
Competitive Matches
Ranked and balanced by MatchMaking service. Managed by our web client embedded in pDxPLAY platform
Casual Pugs
Non-Ranked matches, play casual in our known servers and get competitive fun with your friends
The games are protected by Easy e-sports AntiCheat, a known and recognized third party app that secures and guarantee a clean competitive enviroment
Free and Pay-to-enter Tournaments

Compete in weekly tournaments

Compete in our free and Pay-to-Enter home runs or in long-term tournaments.

Play in our tournaments every week, no matter your skill level. Live and feel the professional competitive experience with all the logistic required for it.

Tournament Bracket
easy peasy lemon squeezy

Win money by playing

Win money by playing entering to our pay-to-enter weekly competitions. You can withdraw and deposit easily at any time using PayPal.

Secure payments
Play using the best

Matchmaking Service

Enjoy the first MatchMaker for Counter-Strike 1.6

Join in hot balanced games thanks to our MM system Glicko-based. Experiment new features and balance modes designed to give you the best competitive experience so far.

Looking for ratings, averages, handicaps. Perfect!

Professional Statistics

Check your invididual progress with statistics designed for your competitive needs. Analize your rank progress associated to your ELO amount, described by a graph that will give you an evolutive historial by match.

Share whatever you want

Social Network

We understand that a player need a space for be known showing videos, screenshots, and more. Then we had created a social network inside pDxPLAY allowing players to be in touch and interact. We want cover all your gaming needs.

For practice or compete

Casual Pugs

The Casual Pug Servers are the perfect place for practice or play in a medium competitive level. But don't worry our PUG mode counts with all the competitive features we developed. If you want warming up before play in the next level go ahead this is where you want start!

Play, Compete and Win

Competitive Matches

We work hard for bring you a new standard of competitive CS 1.6. Using our innovative systems for our loved classic game we gonna bring you a perfect place for show your skills. These matches are built by our MatchMaker and controled by PiA-Bot (a bot developed for the task). Find players of your same level, or defeat highers, make friends and play with them. Don't hesitate

Play clean and safe

Easy eSports AntiCheat (EAC)

It's not possible offer you a competitive enviroment w/o protection, that's why we chose the best anticheat for Counter Strike 1.6, of course we are talking about EAC.

EAC keeps giving support and updating its system for CS 1.6. Thanks this you will have the certain that every amazing gameplay it's a legit one.

Support, official subjects, announces, and news


Competitive Forums. For administrative comfort all donations, payments, support requests, reports, suggestions, complaints, and announcements/news will be handled here.

For Fun Forums. He had enabled this forums for manage our non competitive serves. Enjoy the non formal envirement here.

old but gold

Counter Strike 1.6 WHY?

The first time is unforgettable. For us CS 1.6 is the golden formula, it has all the ingredients that force a player to show real skills.

We understand the latest Counter Strike versions offers features and gadgets allowing a better competitive experience for their users but we worked hard for offer you the similar systems applied for CS 1.6. Live the game from before with the current comforts.

Classic games never dies, this FPS won't be the exception, join us and let's bring back our loved game to the competitive scene, let's make possible the impossible, let's play Counter Strike 1.6.